Julie Templeton Show Team Events

Come and see the Julie Templeton show team in action at the following events:

April 3rd Towerlands Equestrian, Essex RIHS Qualifiers
April 9th Ipswich , RIHS Qualifiers
April 16th Osbaldeston, Lancs RIHS Qualifiers
April 17th Rodbaston, Shropshire RIHS Qualifiers
April 18th Mid Herts Show, Hertfordshire, RIHS Qulaifiers
April 22nd - 24th BSPS Winter Champs, Lincs RIHS Qualifiers
April 30th Area 1b, Lancs RIHS Qualifiers
May 1st Cheshire Premier, Cheshire, RIHS Qualifiers
May 2nd Royal County Berks, Berkshire, RIHS Qualifiers
May 7th Three Counties Spring, Malvern, RIHS Qualifiers
May 8th White Rose County, Leeds, RIHS Qualifiers
May 14th / 15th WINDSOR, RIHS & HOYS Qualifiers
May 20th Lincolnshire spring, Lincoln & Devon county RIHS Qualifiers
May 28th Herts County, Herts RIHS Qualifiers & Lancs Champs, Lancashire HOYS Qualifiers
May 29th Wessex County & Hambleton County RIHS Qualifiers
May 30th Surrey County, RIHS Qualifiers
June 1st Suffolk County, RIHS Qualifiers
June 2nd Staffs County Show, Stafford, RIHS Qualifiers
June 4th Bath & West County Show, Bath, RIHS Qualifiers
June 5th Midland Counties, Uttoxeter - HOYS Qualifiers
June 11th South of England Summer, Ardingly & Derbyshire Festival - HOYS Qualifiers
June 12th Derbyshire Festival - HOYS Qualifiers
June 17th Three Counties, Malvern - HOYS Qualifiers
June 18th Three Counties , Malvern - HOYS Qualifiers
June 19th East of England, Peterborough - HOYS Qualifiers
June 22nd Cheshire County, Cheshire - HOYS Qualifiers (good one!)
June 23rd Lincoln Summer, Lincoln - HOYS Qualifiers
June 25th Royal Highland Show, Edinburgh & Area 13b Ipswich - HOYS Qualifiers
June 26th Derbyshire County - HOYS Qualifiers
June 29th Royal Norfolk - HOYS Qualifiers
July 2nd Staffs Country Festival, Shropshire- HOYS Qualifiers
July 10th Chard, Somerset - HOYS Qualifiers
July 11th Stithians, Cornwall - HOYS Qualifiers
July 14th Great Yorkshire, Harrogate - HOYS Qualifiers
July 25th - 31st ROYAL INTERNATIONAL HORSE SHOW, Hickstead