9 Days to go till Badminton Horse Trials 2013

Winston at Hambledon International BE 100 Foundation

Below is the second part of Trudy Johnson’s story as she prepares for this year’s Badminton Horse Trials. 

First event of the season and it was a gentle starter with the BE 100 Open at Hambleden International, Henley.

In preparation, I had decided to check and load the lorry the day before so that all I had to do on Friday morning was to feed and hay, sort out the horses being left behind and load the three I was taking with me.  Good job is all I can say, as to my dismay, the lorry battery was flat when I tried to start it. Did I really not switch off the isolator on our last trip out?! Ooops! Luckily our mechanic lives at the top of the road and thankfully it was just a flat battery. Minor crisis averted he kindly lent me his charger to leave the lorry on charge for the night. Continue reading

Harvey Smith and his Relationship with Day, Son & Hewitt

When I was a little girl, the highlight of my year was to sit on my rocking horse, and watch the television coverage of the Horse of the Year Show at Wembley. My hero was Harvey Smith, riding Harvester, or O’malley, to name just a couple of his legendary horses.

Rather like the late Baroness Margaret Thatcher, Harvey has always courted a love/hate relationship with the British public, after finding notoriety with the famous V sign, after winning at the all England Jumping arena. As a horseman, he was born to ride and always happy to share his knowledge and invest his time. In his Channel 4 Racing interview after victory in the great race on Saturday, Ryan Mania, was happy to give credit to the legend that Harvey is. Continue reading

The Build Up to Badminton Horse Trials

Below is the story of Trudy Johnson as she prepares for this year’s Badminton Horse Trials. Trudy will be providing us with more diary entries as she makes her way to Badminton, so be sure to check back for updates on her story.  

Since the age of 9, when I was lucky enough to get my first pony, I have dreamed of competing at an International Event.  Dreams take different turns and sometimes take longer to achieve, but the reality is never to give up on them.  It has taken me a while but after spending most of my life show jumping where I have worked for some great people, travelled to New Zealand to work for an Olympic show jumper Colin Macintosh and had one exceptional Irish Sports Horse out of King of Diamonds who took me to Royal Windsor at Foxhunter, I have now spent the last two most exhilarating seasons with British Eventing and after qualifying for Badminton Grassroots 2013 I can see a real possibility of achieving those ambitions. Continue reading

Day 3: Our Last Day at the KWPN Stallion Show

KWPN Stallion Show

Today in Den Bosch we saw 26 of the 40 dressage stallions from yesterday pass the 3rd round test to go through to Ermello. The UB40 x Contango colt “Forty” that I liked was one of those to be put through however my two favourite colts the Jazz x Negro and the Apache x Hitchcock were both unable to come forward because of lameness or illness!? They will however be given the chance to be presented in Ermello. Continue reading

Day 2: Our Favourites at the KWPN Stallion Show

KWPN Valegro

Today was an early start at the KWPN Stallion Show, as we watched the groups of 3 yr old potential dressage colts being evaluated for round two of the grading. 40 of the 68 put forward went through to round 3. The Vivaldi sons had a very strong group with 4 out 6 being accepted, they were lovely types with scopey movement. The Bordeux sons also had a very strong group.

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Day 1: AB Sport Horses Touchdown in Holland

Over the course of this week, Hayley Colwell and Astrid Bolton will be attending the KWPN Stallion Show in Holland. Each day, they’ll be providing us with an insight in to their adventure, so stay tuned! Below is the first instalment from Hayley Colwell.     

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A Premium Equine Joint Supplement – Jasper & Synoflex’s Story

Below is a testimonial we received from Jo, about how Synoflex helped her horse, Jasper:

Jasper, now 20 years old, (TB x ID) after years of hunting and competing he now suffers with arthritis in his hocks, which impacts on his nearside shoulder and nearside front leg as he takes the pressure off his hind legs.  We ride out whenever I can fit it in, but he usually only wants to walk.

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An Effective Canker Treatment – Papaya’s & Platform’s Story

Here at Day, Son & Hewitt, we love to hear your feedback and success stories. We received this story from Mai Crafack Dinesen of Denmark whose horse, Papaya, had severe canker. She decided to trail Platform® as a canker treatment. Her story is below:

Papaya – Fed Platform®

platform canker treatment

On the 9th July the vet found canker in the left front hoof. They operated for the first time on the 13th July, but several further operations were then necessary. As the picture shows they had to cut almost half of the hoof away and I was told it would take at least 6 months for the hoof to grow out. Continue reading