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Basil is young, athletic and sound but is prone to filling of the legs, during the course the filling disappeared completely. However, if I stopped feeding the sachets, the filling returned.

Emma Littlewood | West Yorkshire | Synoflex

There was a definite improvement over two weeks, normally very stiff after standing in for long periods, he was definitely more free in his movement.

Emma Geddes | Ayrshire | Synoflex

There has been a noticeable difference in his enthusiasm to work, especially when jumping. The palatability was good – I had to hide the feed from the dog!!! She loved it.

Rosyln Fife | Ayrshire | Synoflex

My gelding is starting to feel stiff due to his age but when feeding Synoflex there is a definite improvement in his suppleness, forward movement and strength.

Anna Davey | Wirral | Synoflex

Our aged riding school pony, Amber, had become stiff with creaky joints. She improved over a short period of time not only in her mobility but also in herself and her appearance. Creaky joints stopped and the condition of her coat also improved. She worked much looser and easier in the school.

Kevin Hunter | Natland | Synoflex

Hatty is currently out of work, due to injury. She got very stressed when left alone and difficult to lead to the field. After 2 weeks of feeding Relaxin, Hatty was much more relaxed, less box walking, happy to be alone and able to lead to the field without incidence.

Sue Chadwick | Huddersfield | Relaxin

The product had a quick impact and Dries’s napping has reduced considerably whilst SJ and XC. Attitude to work has improved and is less stressed and much calmer in the stable. I will definitely continue to use Relaxin.

Sarah Claughton | Cheshire | Relaxin

Noticably less box walking, he was overall mucher calmer in his temperament, he was less stressed and more accepting of work but did not change his personality.

Julie Templeton Show Team | Shropshire | Relaxin

William was less stressed during work periods and considerably less fidgety and much better at standing where he would normally start spinning around.

Julie Templeton Show Team | Shropshire | Relaxin

Polar Park was much more relaxed at a competition and in the field. Much improved flatwork and napping ceased whilst out hacking.

Barbera Ainsworth | St Michaels | Relaxin

First Look had been struggling to show condition and had been given a prolonged and extensive worming programme. There was definite improvement in condition, appearance, top line and outlook, after 2 weeks, which was commented on by our vet. We are very happy with the condition improvement!

Alison Hamilton | Hawick | Maximise

Sid has been turned out all summer and did not look well. Starry, dull coat and lean. There was a noticeable difference in him all round after Maximise. Shiny coat, more condition and more interest in life in general. It was very handy having individual day sachets and a mouse proof tin!

Gill Bryan | Wiltshire | Maximise

I always felt that Tuesday was a bit heavy breathing, but after using this product I feel that there has been a great improvement in her breathing.

Heidi Millin | Lancashire | Respyt

Ben looked and felt well after being fed Foundation and I really think it made a difference. He also enjoyed eating it better than other supplements I have tried.

Ann Harrison | Cheshire | Foundation

Finch is a 20 year old poor doer but whilst feeding Maximise he kept gaining weight to a good condition. He ate it well and it does smell nice.

Louise Priestly | Swindon | Maximise

My Section B Stallion showed signs of anxiety in the stable and lacked concentration when ridden. After Relaxin he improved in the stable and was easier to settle in the school. He was less distracted, softer in his outline and more consistent in his work.

Mandy Jackson | Cheshire | Relaxin

My novice eventer had qualified for Burghley Young Event Horse Finals, however he was a bad traveler and lost weight easily. After feeding Maximise he maintained condition better, even after a few long trips in the lorry.

Nikki Roncoroni | Hawick | Maximise

I have used calmers before on other horses before and not had this effect. It seems a very powerful calmer!

Clive Jones | Wirral | Relaxin