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Our Evening with Geoff Billington and Astrid Bolton

Geoff Billington and Day Son Hewitt

In case you missed it, earlier this month we invited Geoff Billington to join us, along with Astrid Bolton, at the Myerscough Equine Arena.

The evening started with some very entertaining and informative demonstrations from Astrid and Hayley, which finished with some great questions from our audience. Following Astrid and Hayley’s section, it was time for a quick round of refreshments at the Equine Arena’s onsite restaurant and bar.

During the interval, we got a chance to chat one-to-one with many of you and we noticed one product in particular that had generated a lot of interest on the night, which was Maximise®, our premium digestive enhancer.

We’ve had some great feedback from our customers (Astrid being no exception!) about Maximise® – it’s great for helping to build the condition of a horse, and can help relieve gastric discomfort, thanks to the inclusion of Meadowsweet and peppermint.

After the break, Geoff took to the arena and managed to entertain us for well over an hour. Geoff took the time to carefully explain what he was doing for each jump, making the evening’s finale just as informative as it was entertaining.

Audience at Geoff Billington Masterclass

Click here for more information about Geoff Billington or for more information about Astrid Bolton, see here. 

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