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A Glowing Review from Team Parsonage

We recently posted about eventing experts, Team Parsonage, joining our rider/producer team. Having recently tried Synoflex (our premium joint supplement) for themselves, they’ve had some great results! They’re not the first either.

Take a look at their testimonial and pictures below:   

“We have to admit that we were quite sceptical when it came to joint supplements having tried lots of other joint supplements on the market and seen no benefit. This all changed once we tried Synoflex. One of our top level event horses has always run with large windgalls and we thought he would always remain that way.

We couldn’t believe how ALL the swelling went out of his legs after a couple of weeks on Synoflex. All our event horses, from the young to the old, are now on Synoflex. We can see that Synoflex will extend our horses competitive careers and keep them comfortable in their retirement.”

Synoflex ParsonageSynoflex Parsonage Synoflex Parsonage Synoflex Parsonage

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