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Relaxin to Win

Milly & OllieAmelia was selected to represent the British Dressage Northern Region at the BYRDs Inter-Regionals last month competing in the Fledgling class (11 and under). We made our way to Keysoe on the Friday and bedded DST Don’t Panic aka Ollie in his temporary stable after a brief ride in the arenas. On Saturday Amelia had two tests, the first a warm-up Fledgling Rider Test (Rider tests are scored out of 70 and based not on the pony but the riders position, influence and accuracy), which she rode fantastically, winning against a strong field. Ollie behaved himself brilliantly, entering the arenas cool, calm and collected, unfazed by the flowerpots, whiteboards and judges box.

Next was the first of two Fledgling team tests, where the combined scores over the two days would decide the overall individual Fledgling Champion. Milly & Ollie again rode brilliantly scoring 60.4/ 70 to finish second on the day. On Sunday, due to some great riding from the other riders in the class, it left her needing to score over 66 to win but under pressure they rode a near perfect test scoring 68/70 or 97% to become overall Inter-Regional Fledgling Champion.

Against some strong and established riders and schoolmaster ponies, 5 year old Ollie performed with a maturity beyond his years and we strongly believe the Relaxin had an effect on his temperament, leading him to been calmer, more focused and less distracted. This was particularly noticeable in the warm up arenas where previously he’s become quite stressed by other horses riding close to him. The Foundation has also shown improvements to his top line and general wellness.

Colic Case study with HAPPA

About the Colic Case Study with HAPPA

Grace was taken in by HAPPA in 2010 further to being seriously neglected.  She had suffered from spasmodic colic every couple of months since being there.  Grace looked depressed and uncomfortable.  She was weight shifting left to right and back to front, she was lack lustre and wasn’t interested in her food.  Showing typical signs of colic, looking at her stomach, pawing, erratic breathing patterns. Grace started Maximise on the 20th March 2013 and on the 29th March Grace had made a total recovery, she was fed Maximise for a total of two months and has now been backed and ridden away. Grace is now looking for a home as HAPPA are confident that we have overcome her problems with the colic.


A Glowing Review from Team Parsonage

We recently posted about eventing experts, Team Parsonage, joining our rider/producer team. Having recently tried Synoflex (our premium joint supplement) for themselves, they’ve had some great results! They’re not the first either. (more…)

A Premium Equine Joint Supplement – Jasper & Synoflex’s Story

Below is a testimonial we received from Jo, about how Synoflex helped her horse, Jasper:

Jasper, now 20 years old, (TB x ID) after years of hunting and competing he now suffers with arthritis in his hocks, which impacts on his nearside shoulder and nearside front leg as he takes the pressure off his hind legs.  We ride out whenever I can fit it in, but he usually only wants to walk.