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Carnsdale Top Gun – Synoflex

At 19 years of age, Carnsdale Top Gun is proving to be one of the most consistent Working Hunters on the Circuit. Desert Orchid Winner, 6 times Gold Cup Winner, and a member of the England Working Hunter teams on many occasions, Top Gun is still making history. Top Gun is fed on Day, Son & Hewitt’s Synoflex, which helps to give musculoskeletal and joint support and enhance his natural athletic ability.

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A Glowing Review from Team Parsonage

We recently posted about eventing experts, Team Parsonage, joining our rider/producer team. Having recently tried Synoflex (our premium joint supplement) for themselves, they’ve had some great results! They’re not the first either. (more…)

A Premium Equine Joint Supplement – Jasper & Synoflex’s Story

Below is a testimonial we received from Jo, about how Synoflex helped her horse, Jasper:

Jasper, now 20 years old, (TB x ID) after years of hunting and competing he now suffers with arthritis in his hocks, which impacts on his nearside shoulder and nearside front leg as he takes the pressure off his hind legs.  We ride out whenever I can fit it in, but he usually only wants to walk.


Sally Oultram on Ted, Day Son & Hewitt, Synoflex and Foundation

At the start of October, we made our way down to Birmingham for the Horse of the Year Show 2012. It was great to meet everyone who made it down to the show. One story that we found particularly interesting was Sally’s, author of ‘The Story of Ted‘, her story is below:

sally oultram (more…)