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The Premise

Day, Son & Hewitt are proud to introduce the first supplement programme to be produced in an individual sachet format.

This simple and easy to understand range of super-premium products were designed to simplify the buying process with both the consumer and the retailer in mind.

We recognised that many supplement manufacturers have an alarmingly large number of products in their range. This is extremely confusing for horse owners who often find it difficult to choose the right solution for their horse’s needs.

Furthermore, this also causes issues for the retailer whose staff also find it impossible to understand such complex ranges. We also recognised that space is often limited and therefore accomodating such large ranges has become increasingly difficult.

This was the initial premise upon which the new range was developed – a simple range that covers 70% of any horse’s nutritional needs: The range has been developed using the latest nutritional research and formulated without cost restrictions or compromise on the quantity or quality of raw materials.

Each individual tin contains thirty sachets with an accurately measured daily feed for an average 500kg horse. This in most cases provides one months supply. The sachets come packaged in a distinctively branded and easily recognisable tin, which is 100% recyclable and manufactured itself from 60% recycled material. These high-quality, attractive tins can also be re-used for storage.