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The Sachets

The sachets format provides many benefits to the horse owner:


As each sachet is kept sealed until required, the freshness is “locked in” preventing oxidation and therefore providing a more efficacious and palatable product.


Each sachet contains the precise daily feed required. This takes away owner error and improves accuracy as opposed to traditional scoops or cups, which result in under or over feeding.


In today’s fast-paced world, horse owners don’t want to waste time locating buckets and measuring out supplements. Whether they have one or several horses, time will be vastly reduced.

Less Waste

Waste is reduced as there is no measuring and weighing process. Also, because buckets often get “kicked over” or not resealed, total wastage can be reduced by up to 25%.

Cost Effective

The combination of sealed pre-measured sachets together with the complete lack of waste ensures this is the most cost effective way to feed supplements. For the retailer, there are also many benefits. This range is only available to a hand-picked network of the UK’s top equestrian retailers. This will provide your store with a valuable competitive advantage and with it, the opportunity to increase your sales and profitability. Because the concept is easy to understand it makes it easier to help your customers identify the correct product for their horses needs. The products are easy to merchandise, simple to replenish and the bespoke point of purchase unit will ensure that the products always looks fantastic.