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Electrolytes help to maintain the fluid balance in the body, so losses must be replenished to ensure good health and performance.
The level of minerals found in most forage, compound feed or cereals, and even in supplements, is not usually sufficient to replenish the electrolytes lost during exercise.
Correct fluid balance is crucial for good health and optimum performance therefore, electrolyte replenishment after exercise is necessary to maintain health.

EliviatĀ® supplies sodium, chloride, potassium and smaller amounts of magnesium and calcium to replace salts lost during exercise.

EliviatĀ® can be used in two ways:

  1. To replace body water and rehydrate the horse, by making an oral isotonic solution of 50g in 5.5 litres of water. To replace body salts in working horses, add EliviatĀ® to the horses feed.
  2. For light to moderate work, give one sachet (50g) per day or for hard work and during competition or on a warm day add two sachets (100g).

Each tin contains a 30 day supply for an average horse.